5 Must Try Kerala Dishes to Savour your Taste Buds

When it is about food, Kerala is for sure rich with some of the best authentic and savoury delicacies. Also been popular as the land of coconut trees, Kerala is reckoned for its dishes that are made up from coconut milk, coconut oil, and grated coconut in bulk. Along with use of fresh coconut, special spices boost up the aroma and flavour of Kerala dishes, making it distinctive as compared to other Indian food. Popular for both vegetarian and non vegetarian variety of cuisines, the Northern part of the state is recognized for its non vegetarian dishes whereas Southern part of state for delicious and mouth watering sea food. Here follows best 5 dishes that are apt to savour your taste buds and cravings.

Kappa – A very healthy and nutritious dish, lots of people and even foreigners prefer to have Kappa during their loving and enjoyable house boat trips. Though, several preparations are available in them but mashed kappa is preferred in large numbers. Served with Kerala famous fish curry, it is a must try dish that can be consumed in breakfast or as a starter or as any-time snack. Keralites prefer to take this dish with a large variety of chutneys and curries.

Sadya – If you are exploring for something heavy in lunch, have Sadya. Comes up with lots of curries, rice and sweet payasam, it is traditionally served on a beautiful big sized banana leaf. The leaf position and curries and rice placement actually follows a specific order and it is also important how it is folded after you are done. A complete vegetarian dish, it is very much popular in Kerala and served for sure during special functions, occasions and events.

Kerala Biryani – Biryani is definitely one of the all time favourite of people in India. The preparations differ from city to city and Kerala biryani is a perfect blend of rice, meat or vegetables, and spices. The rice size and ingredients proportion plays an important role in its preparation and the best part of it is rich aroma and flavour. Amongst all variety available, Malabar biryani is the tastiest and unique.

Unniyappam – Recognized as the most traditional and favourite snack of Kerala, it is a crispy brown coloured and spongy sweet dish blended with rice flour, jaggery and banana. The taste is so unique and rich that there is no alternate to this dish. The smell, texture and crispy roasted coconut pieces all over it makes the sweet dish even more scrumptious.

Kerala Chicken Curry – For non vegetarians, Kerala chicken curry is heavenly tasty. This brown coloured thick based gravy is one of the favourites of people in India and is made up in clay pots. The basic ingredients cover roasted coconut, spices and coconut milk, garnished with curry leaves in the last that makes it irresistible and tempting.

So, explore all the delicacies at least once and don’t ever miss the opportunity to visit such a lovely and food lover’s paradise.

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